Online Blackjack Strategy and Interactive Learning

While there is always an element of chance in the game of Blackjack, it is vital that you have a good understanding of basic strategy. There are all sorts of very complicated guides out there that can make the subtleties of the game appear to be more complex than they actually are.

To clarify the basic strategies and make things simple for you, we have included a very easy to use strategy guide with our downloadable software.

It comes in the form of a color coded card and is accessible at all times from the bottom corner of your screen. You can use it at any time to check what the received wisdom would be on a particular combination of cards that you are looking at.

The information contained in the guide is obviously not definitive. You still ultimately have to make choices and at any stage you may choose to do something differently from what the guide suggests. There are any number of valid reasons as to why you might choose to do so. That said, it never does any harm to know the generally accepted logic of that situation before you make your decision.

This is a guide rather than a hard and fast set of rules so there may be occasions where you feel that you want to try something but even on these occasions, It's still always a good idea to know.

Many studies have shown that interactive training is far more effective than passive forms of training such as simply reading. This holds true both in terms of amount of information digested as well as speed and efficiency.

This is a great way to learn as you play and you can use it to teach yourself the subtleties of the possibilities of different card combinations both in terms of your hand and that of the dealer.

You can download our software and play Blackjack free for as long as you like while using the strategy guide to learn about the subtleties of various different card combinations and options.

Examples of things that you might consult the basic strategy guide for are when to split or double. These subjects can often appear to be a little confusing to the new player. The basic concept behind these two game elements are very simple but there is sometimes confusion for the uninitiated with regard to how use them effectively.

These situations are dealt with in the strategy guide and you can just pause and check it at any stage. This hands on type approach is actually one of the best possible ways to learn anything. Blackjack in particular works really well in terms of this kind of interactive training.

You should give our system a try now by quickly downloading and installing the software to see just how easy to use and fun our interface is.

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