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Play Poker Three Online Casino Style

Poker three is a casino table game which is extremely popular. It is a simple entertaining game based on poker. This game works online and can also be downloaded to be played offline depending on the online casino you are playing at. Rules of the game are similar in both the online and its land based equivalent. It is a very relaxing game as it doesn’t require detailed planning or line of attack. Another plus point of poker three is that it is not a high stakes game. It can be termed as common man’s game since it suits players with small amount of money.

It is the American version of the English game “Brag.” The game originated some three hundred years ago as Primero. Then its name changed to “Post and Pair” and then finally as Brag. When it first made its appearance in the US it was known as Casino Brag and Brit Brag. In some casinos it is also known as Tri card poker. In the 1990s Derek Webb, a British poker champion has created the online three card poker.

Three card poker is a game played with a standard 52 deck of cards. It is different from other games in such a way that here the player is competing against the dealer and is not playing against the other players. At the beginning of each round both the player and dealer deals with three cards each. In three card poker straights are more valuable than a flush, because straights are a rarity while there are several ways to make a flush.

Poker three is a combination of two different games ante play and pair plus. In the case of ante the player is charged a fee to play the actual hand. In the pair plus the player bets that they will get a pair. The player doesn’t have to make both the bets. But the ante bet is absolutely necessary if the player wishes to play.

In all the games players can improve their gaming ability by practicing it. Poker three is no different here. Players can refine their skills by gaming again and again. And it is absolutely fun also.

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